The Tinplate

The Tinplate

The tin is a very low thickness steel coated on both sides with a thin layer of tin that makes it optimal for use in the food industry and other industries aimed at serving households. They are manufactured using iron ore, coal, a very small amount of tin, electricity and scrap. The main areas in which it is used are packaged canned vegetables and fruits, milk, minced and pate, fish and vegetable oils, aerosols, lubricating oils, ointments and premium paints. The tin is ideal for a natural way to preserve food as it allows total isolation for long preserving its taste, smell and nutritional power.



1. All products packed in tin are inviolable
2. Tinplate is a product of high quality and harmless to the environment
3. Discarded cans become raw material
4. It doesn´t need cooling equipments that consume energy to preservation
5. It is very tough almost unbreakable so its handling is very friendly
6. It is impermeable to water and light and therefore to its degrading effects



Care for the environment is of fundamental importance and should be taken into account in all decisions of the industrial chain and the use of raw materials, production processes, energy consumption, product cosumo and treatment of waste materials.

Tin Containers offer many advantages in this regard:

1. Energy saving in the manufacture of the material

2. Lower generation of pollution in the production and recycling processes

3. Natural Degradation and fast in the tin containers exposed to the elements that become harmless iron oxide

4. Easier for recycling by the magnetic nature of tinplate