Soudronic ABM 180 Automatic Body Welder

Manufacturer: Soudronic

Type: ABM 180

Diameter Range: 52 – 115 mm

Height Range: 96 – 280 mm

Tinplate Thickness: 0,16 – 0,25 mm

Welding Speed: 15 – 30 m/min (As per Technical Brochure)

Maximum Production: 300 cpm

Power Supply: 460 V / 60 Hz

Tooling: Ø 65 mm

Static Converter PULSAR 304: included

Inert Gas System: included

Discon System: included

Electronic upgrade to servo and frequency inverter: included

Pre scoring station: included (pre scoring cassette not included)

Welding Monitor SWM 2: included

Varnish coating system for internal and external welding seam protection: included (including LARC out feed conveyor)

Condition: recently retired from production


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