Automatic Round Line diameter 73 mm

Brand: Several Brands

Formato: Ø 73 mm

Nr.1 Double Slitter brand Ocsam with automatic sheet feeder and strip feeder, complete with:
– 1° operation 5 Pairs of knives in widia
– 2° operation 9 Pairs of knives in widia
Nr.1 Canbody Welder brand Soudronic mod. FBB-500
Nr.1 Seam Protection System inside brand GS&T
Nr.1 Curing System brand brand GS&T
Nr.1 Spinflanger brand Cevolani mod.BR-460 nr. 12 chucks
Nr.1 Beader brand FMI nr. 12 chucks
Nr.1 Seamer nr. 2 station to nr. 8 chucks each brand Tessitore
Nr.1 Tester brand Basco nr. 60 chucks (like new)
Nr.1 Palletizer brand Spaggiari

Condition: running