Automatic Round Line Diameter 73/70 mm

Meritermica Automatic Duplex Slitter with set of widia cutters (5 first station & 9 second station)

SPS Powder Application Equipment

Soudronic FBB 400 Automatic Body Welder

External Varnish Equipment

Precision Tool Lineal Gas Curing Oven

Magnetic Elevators & Conveyors

SHIN-I S-B64 (necking, beading and flanging) 3 stations

Accumulator Conveyor

Comaco Automatic Seamer 8 heads (easy open top diameter 73 mm)

Cevolani AT 410 Automatic Seamer 6 heads (bottom diameter 70 mm)

Basco Leak detector

Spaggiari Bruno Automatic Palletizer (automatic pallet loading, manual cardboard placement and mesh transport system)

Maximum Production: 400 cpm

Condition: working