Metal cans, a good option to preserve food

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Thanks to the sealing process, tin cans are perfect to protect the contents against light, oxygen intake and other contaminants, thereby preventing the growth of microorganisms therein. The manufacturing process used for packaging food and canned beverages has evolved a lot since at present in a high proportion have no direct contact with the base metal thanks to the coating for food-grade product what prevents that the product packaged is not in contact and remain completely isolated. Also, the welding used is electrical and coated. Tin allows vacuum seal preventing chemical degradation of content due to contact with atmosphere.

Metal cans is a good option to preserve food

To contribute the care of the environment, cans are using increasingly lower thicknesses and still athey are highly resistant to impact and shock and very protective in all circumstances.

Thinking about the consumer and ease of handling the product, it is provided to the cans with easy-open, fully open or membrane that make it more friendly and safe product consumption, avoided the use of other devices for opening it . On the other hand, there are designs in the form of packaging (or shape) that provide a nice view.

Metal containers are completely safe and do not alter the taste, quality and consistency of the food, are 100% recyclable, so that help preserve the environment.

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