How to maintain the Soudronic Welders

How to maintain the Soudronic Welders

Considerations to take into account for the correct maintenance of electric resistance welders for the manufacture of tin containers.

Welder Condition: It is essential that the welder is in perfect condition to guarantee its correct functioning.

Copper Wire: The copper wire used must not show corrosion. In addition, it is important to periodically check the insulation and clean the contact area, removing metal dust deposits and rust flakes.

Voltage Measurement: The formation of electrically conductive bridges due to metal powder deposits between the measurement contacts and other parts of the automatic welder must be avoided.

Welding Pulleys: Welding pulleys and their grooves should not be excessively worn.

Measurement Cables: The measurement cables must be intact and without shunts in the welding area.

Measuring Contacts: The measuring contacts should only touch the welding wire. If this condition is not met, for example, due to wear of the contacts, they must be replaced.

By following these recommendations you can help keep the welding machine in optimal condition and prolong its useful life, ensuring the quality of the welds in the manufacture of tin containers.