How to maintain shear blades

How to maintain shear blades

To properly maintain the blades of a shear, it is essential to follow a series of steps and recommendations to ensure a clean cut and prolong the life of the blades.

Regular Cleaning:

  • The blades must always be clean. Use isopropyl alcohol and rags to clean the blade profile.
  • Rub the inside of the blade with a scouring pad and then clean with a cloth.



  • Lubricate the blades with suitable oil, such as Aemovil M302 oil.
  • Apply grease to the inner bearings of the drums.


Sharpening and Grinding:

  • After a long time of use, sharpen the blades using a diamond stone suitable for carbide.
  • Generally, it is not necessary to remove more than 0.10 mm in height during sharpening.
  • For major grinding, use a green carbide wheel first for roughing and then a diamond wheel for finishing.


Checking and Adjustment:

  • Check the cutting clearance between the punch and the blade, which should be kept at 10% of the metal thickness for steel and 15% for aluminum.
  • Make sure the blades are properly aligned. Correct alignment between the lower and upper blades is crucial for optimal cutting.
  • Adjust the blades to prevent burrs and obtain a clean cut.


Component Replacement:

  • If necessary, replace the old blade rubbers and be sure to use new rubbers when reassembling.
  • If the distance from the cutting edge to the lip of the “die center” has been lost due to successive grinding, you can remake it by using shims on the blade. Make sure the shims are free of burrs, uniform in thickness, and have their holes milled.


Storage and Handling:

  • Treat the blades with care during storage and assembly or disassembly to avoid damage.


By following these recommendations, you will be able to keep the blades of your shears in optimal condition, ensuring a precise cut and prolonging their useful life.