How to get a good quality weld seam

How to get a good quality weld seam

1. Be sure to work with clean copper wire, the quality of the wire used is essential to achieve an adequate weld.

2. Correctly adjust welding parameters according to customer specifications including the welding current, which must be adequate to ensure optimal welding.

3. Perform quality tests to evaluate the strength of the weld seam, these tests may include the tear test and the ball test, among others.

4. Ensure that the surface of the steel is free of chrome coating to a width of approximately 2 mm on each side of the edges that form the seam.

5. Use a suitable welding machine that has a cooled double pulley to ensure optimal welding.

6. During welding, apply nitrogen gas to remove oxygen above the welding point and prevent oxidation of the iron.

7. To protect the weld, apply a protective varnish to the seam and make sure the varnish adheres properly and covers any metal ejections or projections on the inside of the body.