Línea Automática de Embutición 1/4 Club

Producción: 80 cpm

Formato: 1/4 club

(2) VULCANO Automatic deep drawing Presses with pneumatic clutch 40 Tn (including simple Press Tooling)

(2) VULCANO Trimming Press (including simple Press Tooling)

(1) new double magnetic conveyor 20 m

(1) BRUNO SPALLARI New Automatic Palletizer with Semiautomatic Cardboard  Feeding System

Thickness tinplate sheets 0,19mm – 0,22mm

Temper 57, 59, 61

The installation includes 2 drawing lines of 80 cpm with individual parallel transport systems joyning at the entrance of the palletizer. With the possibility, therefore, to work simultaneously on both lines to 160 cpm or single line to 80 cpm.

Estado: vendida