Different types of Electrostatic Powder

Different types of Electrostatic Powder

The different types of electrostatic powder mentioned in the information provided are mainly classified according to the composition of the resin, which can be polyester or epoxy. Additionally, they are described as thermoplastic or thermoset. Thermoplastic powders become soft, remoldable and reweldable by adding heat, while thermoset powders cannot be remoulded or rewelded by applying heat.

The basic components of electrostatic powder include:

Resin: It can be polyester or epoxy.
Curing agents: They vary depending on whether epoxy or polyester resin is used.
Additives: They provide specific effects or characteristics necessary for each situation.
Post-Additives: They prevent the powder from caking.
Dye pigments: They can be inorganic, which results in paler colors, or organic, which results in brighter colors.
Extenders: They serve to reduce shine and increase the durability of the powder.

These powder varnishes are applied using an electrostatic deposition technique and then subjected to heat to cause them to melt, which reduces the emission of solvents into the environment since they are 100% solid.

In addition, electrostatic powder is generally offered in white, although it can also be available in gold, ivory and other shades, with white predominating due to its sanitary appearance.